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A Gun for all Seasons

My wife's impression of my gun safe.

My wife’s impression of my gun safe.

By Heck Thomas

My wife is a heretic.  She says I own to many guns.  She has expanded on that theme by adding that she does not want any more guns for Christmas or her birthday.  Scary.  Simply scary.  She also vaguely remembers that her father “Just had one gun that he used for everything,” and has implied that following this model would lead to less marital strife.  So, what would a one gun sportsman choose if his wife wins the day and trades a small useful arsenal for jewelry and a nicer house?  It beggars the imagination.

A Hunting Gun
I use my guns for hunting, but I have to admit that hunting is more a side effect of owning firearms than its own avocation for me. When people see me carting guns in and out of our house they often ask if I am a hunter, as if that is the only reasonable reason for owning firearms.  When I dutifully say yes, they note that I am not a Jihadi, and they go happily on their way.

870 scoped72If I am to continue hunting with my wife’s single gun theory, it will need to be useful for hunting a variety of animals. Here is a simple list: deer, elk, moose, pheasant, quail, partridge, doves, geese, gophers, prairie dogs, rabbits, coyotes, badgers, fox, wolves, marmots, rock chucks, crows, turkeys, antelope and other varmints, vermin or game animals to be named in the event of confusion or omission regarding my wife’s plans.

Brenneke72The immediate problem is that some of these animals are small, others large and many need to be hunted with a shotgun. Some are shot at long range with extremely accurate rifles, while others are hunted near chicken coops in the dead of night.  Guns, it would seem, have niches that they fill.  The shotgun leaned against a farms back door serves the chickens well, and can handle the bird hunting chores, but it will never be a varmint rifle, not even with expensive Brenneke slugs and rifled barrels.


TC72Perhaps TC offers a solution with its swap barrel Encore.  A dutiful husband could purchase an Encore rifle in .223 Remington and have a fair varmint gun while another barrel in .30-06 could make it credible for larger animals.  They even sell 12 gauge and muzzleloader barrels which would round out most of my hunting needs, as long as I was willing to live with a single shot.  I’m confident that my wife would be willing to make that sacrifice form me.  For a hunting arm, this seems like the only solution.  The problem is that hunting is just one reason to own a firearm, despite what the liberals would like to believe.

Home Defense
So, will a TC Encore make a reasonable home defense weapon? It is certainly better than a baseball bat or harsh words but it is far from my first choice for guaranteeing my family’s safety. It is locked into being a single shot firearm and there is no easy solution here.   You could pick and choose which single shot you got, from a .223 to a .45 acp or 12 gauge buckshot, but it will always be one, slow to reload shot.  A pump shotgun would be much more desirable.  A good revolver or auto pistol would be better, too.  But, in a one gun household, these are the compromises you must make to keep your wife in the mood.

I think that there is only one real solution to the problem.   I’m only going to buy my wife jewelry.jewel72

ppk72jeweled 191172handgun72